Private Lessons

Busy work, education, and life schedules can make it challenging to fit into fixed days and times for group lessons. That’s why we offer personalized lesson options for candidates. With these options, you can work with your advisor to set the days and times of your lessons based on your availability. This flexibility allows you to tailor your program to progress at your preferred pace.

In our private lesson programs, where you can progress with a curriculum tailored to your level, you have the flexibility to make changes to the days and times of your lessons. By notifying us by 5:30 PM the day before, you can adjust your lesson schedule, allowing you to accommodate last-minute plans or travels without affecting your educational process.

IELTS Experts

To create a more dynamic and effective learning atmosphere, candidates progress with a minimum of two IELTS experts every 32 hours, which aims to provide a highly engaging learning experience.


During the program, we supply candidates with course materials at no extra cost. For 32 hours, you get 1 book, for 64 hours, you get 2 books, and for 96 hours, you get 3 books—all provided by us at no additional charge. If the education is less than 32 hours, we don’t provide physical books; instead, we share selected materials with candidates digitally.

To help you practice effectively, we also offer a digital workbook that you can access online. You are free to choose whether to print the workbook or work with it digitally, based on your preference and initiative.


After every 32-hour program, candidates take a 3-hour practice test. Post-exam, we provide feedback on their performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

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