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Moren Akademi is a consultancy firm. The institution provides services for Academic English focusing on: Sentence structure, Use of English and Spelling. A combination of the aforementioned develops language skills i.e. Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, allowing you to have a more effective and efficient learning process in a faster time.

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    The founding partners have considerable experience in various roles in the educational field in various educational establishments in Turkey and abroad bringing together a unique understanding of our students within and around our institution. Our founders strive to provide a high-quality of education and are target-oriented by displaying an attitude that dominated the universal innovations and developments in the fields of ESL, ESP, EAP and IELTS, providing our students with the right guidance on their journey to success!

    The founders, with their wealth of experience attained in various parts of the world have come together to provide you with the highest quality education and service. The founders established Moren Akademi with you, our student in mind!

    Frequently Asked Questions!

    For IELTS Exam dates, click on the link below:

    To learn about IELTS Exam fees, click here:;

    Candidates can take the IELTS Exam as often as they like, however, we recommend you take the IELTS exam only once, when you have the right training you will be able to achieve your target score.

    Without preparing for the IELTS Exam, it is time consuming and costly. The IELTS Exam is designed to test your proficiency and use of English and is not a typical exam. It is highly recommend that you prepare well in advance of your deadlines in order to avoid disappointment and being demotivated. Preparation is the key to succes!

    Some of the views that the founders have heard over the years of teaching IELTS has been: “The first time I took IELTS, I understood the exam and its format, the second time I will definitely be successful.” This is a misconception. You can eventually be successful in the IELTS exam, for example you can improve the score by 0.5 to one band sccore in the reading section between the first exam you took and the second one. There are many reasons for this, such as you may have focused more on the reading skills or you were not interested in the text in the first exam. The same principle applies for the other modules of the IELTS exam. As mentioned, there are many elements at play for you to have succeeded at getting the desired results, bear in mind, that the IELTS Exam’s purpose is to show your university, employer or any other institution that you have functional use of the English language and be able to demonstrate it practically.

    The IELTS Exam measures how accurately and competently you use English. In the same way, it is not an exam in which you can reach the goal by simply applying “tactics” or there are no “tricks” without having a good command of English. In line with your goal, it is important that you combine your English knowledge with academic abilities in the IELTS exam and use it in the most effective way during the exam.

    If you miss the written component of the IELTS exam (Listening, Reading and Writing), there is no make-up for the exam. If you wish, you can re-register for another date and retake the exam at your own cost.

    If you miss your Speaking test, you can contact your test center to request a new date/time and pay the transfer fee to attend the test.

    The IELTS Exam score is valid for two years internationally.

    The best time to start preparing for Academic English or Corporate English as early as possible.

    In our daily lives, there is always a process of intensity and stress that life brings to us, and we always wait for that process to end, and after it is over, we keep telling ourselves that we have an opportunity giving ourselves to education completely. Whether your goal is academic or institutional, our recommendation as Moren Academy is that you do not delay the start of education and to start your learning process with the right education as soon as possible. Be prepared for your future self!

    If you have more than 2 years to apply for your IELTS goals, there will be no hurry that requires you to start your studies immediately. However, our recommendation is that when you find out that you need IELTS, you should start researching the relevant schools for Academic English and obtain a training plan. Thus, when it is time to start your education, you can plan your preparation process by knowing in advance how long your education will take with the institution you have chosen.

    Both options are equally efficient applied with the correct curriuculum and system.

    One of the biggest reasons why candidates are on such a sharp divide between online and in-school education is their previous negative experience in online education.

    Online education and face-to-face education systems cannot be approached as two identical approaches. Both systems have pros and cons, for this reason, the educator has to understand both education systems very well and develop a system that the student can benefit from in the most effective way.

    On the other hand, character traits also determine which education system the candidates can get more efficiency from. Some candidates have the structure with the discipline at school and have an efficient study process in the home atmosphere. Some candidates also have a structure that can leave the safety net provided by the house and carry out the education process in a classroom environment.

    Before we talk about the difference between the two exams, we should underline that the paper-based exam and the computer-based exam are not more difficult or easier than each other in terms of content.

    The definition of ease or difficulty simply depends on whether you are more used to using a computer and keyboard or the classical written exam system. Candidates can feel more comfortable with the use of a computer and keyboard individually, as well as with paper and pencil.


    1. In the paper-based IELTS exam, you will be given an Answer Sheet for you to write down the relevant answers for all sections. Especially at the end of the 30-minute Listening section, you are given 10 minutes of extra time to transfer your answers onto the Answer Sheet. In the computerized IELTS exam, there is sufficient time to write your answers in the boxes on the screen. Therefore, candidates are not given an additional 10 minutes for Listening.
    2. Paper-based IELTS exams are usually held in a large room at a university or a hotel. Computerized IELTS, on the other hand, takes place in smaller rooms designed for this system with a fewer number of candidates.
    3. The results for the paper-based IELTS test results are published after 13 days. Exam results for computerized IELTS are announced within 2 to 5 days.
    4. The paper-based IELTS exam takes place 4 times a month on certain days. Computerized IELTS exam is held 7 days a week, at 3 sessions per day.

    Before we discuss the difference between the two exams, we should underline that the AC IELTS and GT IELTS exams are neither more difficult nor easier than the other.

    In both exams, the 4 language skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) are measured. The candidate taking the AC exam and the candidate taking the GT exam are subject to the same Listening and Speaking exams. It is the Reading and Writing / Task 2 sections that separate these two types of exams.


    Reading (60 mins) Reading (60 mins)
    Three long reading passages containing tasks The first section is brief and consists of two or three fact-based paragraphs.
    The texts may include diagrams, charts, graphics, or figures. The second section includes two short texts related to the job, based on facts.
    The texts are taken from books, brochures, magazines, and newspapers. The third section contains longer texts on a general topic (original excerpts from announcements, advertisements, company brochures, official documents, newspapers, and books)
    Writing Writing
    Summarizing, defining, or describing a table, graph, chart, or diagram. Writing  a letter consisting of at least 150 words.
    Writing a short essay consisting of at least 250 words. Writing a short essay consisting of at least 250 words.

    The 2 test centers of IELTS: IDP IELTS and the British Council, carry out IELTS exam practices with questions from Cambridge University. For this reason, they cannot create an exam that is more difficult or easier than the other and present it to the candidates.

    Cambridge University occasionally reviews random candidates’ exam booklets to ensure that both exam centers are following a fair assessment in both quality and scoring. This prevents one institution from scoring higher or lower than the other.

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